Nadim Karam

A sculptor, painter and architect working from Beirut, with a background that fuses. Oriental and Japanese theories of space, Nadim Karam has created his own concepts, like ‘micro pluralism’, ‘the architecture of performance’, and 'story-telling architecture'. His work focuses on re-examining contextual issues with a global significance and relevancy. He tackles notions such as the need to dream and create stories, the importance of both the eternal and the ephemeral, and finally insists upon enhancing perceptions of pluralism and difference within society as a source of enrichment rather than a reason for conflict. Nadim Karam’s consistent production of work across disciplines is an optimistic act of rebellion as well as an affirmation of the power of creativity against the tedium, soullessness or terror that at one time or another afflict our lives and cities.

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Dialogue des Sourds
Stretching Thoughts
On Parade
Grasping the World
Desert Sand
Hannibal and Elephant
Spaces In-between
Love at First Sight
Wild Cat

Photography: Nadim Karam, Atelier Hapsitus
                       Joe Sassine