Santacruz, Bombay


The concept behind this project was to bring back to life the elements of the original ‘Barber Shop’ and transporting an otherwise stiff and formal environment into an uber-cool and fun area where boys can stylishly be transformed into men!

The black and white chequered floors that run throughout the salon adds the element of youthful fun while the American-walnut coloured hard wood walls stand for the strong intelligent brawn that will be clientele to this establishment.

Suspended right through the centre of the salon are vessels that carry our boys making them men be it airborne, underwater or on the water's surface! Interesting memorabilia (strictly for men) find a home here amidst the numerous reflecting surfaces that cover the walls either elegantly framed or laser cut to please and tease you!

'The Barber Shop' in all its original glory stands tall, tweaked to satisfy the male ego where men will be men!