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Impeccable Imagination Pvt. Ltd.
Kirabo, 3rd Floor,
13th Road, Khar West
Mumbai 400 052
Impeccable Imagination FZ-LLC,
P.O. Box 184194,
United Arab Emirates
Ambika Hinduja Macker


Her impeccable imagination creates designs both innovative and sustainable.
Chica Mascarenhas


Brainstorming with Ambika; aiding, enabling, researching, detailing is just a part of what she does impeccably.
Bhushan Chandorkar


Bringing to life the innovation and sustainablilty of Impeccable Imagination's every creation.

I am to creativity born. Whether it is through movies or products or experiences, I am fascinated by the world of tales. There is a mystery and mood to stories that is unmatched. We were all raised listening to stories and hoped for those stories to come true some day That is what Impeccable Imagination is. It is my story and its many avatars. Sometimes, I say it through films and now through sustainable interior and product design. I invite you to dive with me into the magical world of dreaming and creating and hoping that those creations then leave their own mark become the stories of the future.

Joseph Walsh was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of the
    Arts from University College Cork for his significant
    contribution to the world of art and design.
Joseph Walsh’s Enignum Console Table was exhibited
   at Masterpiece London.
'The Dabba Luminaire' designed by Ambika Hinduja
    Macker wins the Good Homes Awards 2014 for Product
    design : Lighting